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Graduation Caps


Christiana J.,
2021 CDB Scholar

Micai L., 2022 CDB Scholar

Becoming a CDB Scholarship recipient has truly proven to me that opportunities to excel and achieve, are endless to what I can accomplish in life. It truly reinforced that my hard work and my character was recognizable.

Mel G., Donor

I was motivated to donate to CDB Scholarship Foundation because it gives back to my community. This experience has left me with a sense of pride! No donation is too small! Every bit is appreciated and counts! The foundation name and purpose alone speak for its value. Looking forward to donating in 2022!

Sara T.,
2021 CDB Scholar

The generosity shown from the Butler family allowed me to put forth all my focus toward my education and the responsibilities that come with it. Being a CDB Scholarship recipient impacted me first by instilling a greater sense of gratitude in me. Secondly, by allowing me to focus more on the college experience and the opportunities that come with it. So for that, I’m very thankful and appreciative.

The Craig D. Butler Scholarship was the first scholarship I won, and I was beyond excited that they selected me as one of the recipients! I was so happy for CDB in believing in me and my post-secondary dreams! Being a recipient of the scholarship has impacted me to have confidence in myself and my goals and aspirations. CDB  Scholarship has allowed me to inspire  other people to apply to scholarships and to continue to believe in your dreams. 

Shauntice P., Donor

My favorite aspect of CDB Scholarship is that it gives meaning and purpose to a difficult life experience that deeply connects the founders to the students they serve.  Not only does the foundation provide financial support to the students, but it also provides a community where students can tell their stories and let their voices be heard.

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